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Category: Products

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  • Exterior Trim Materials That Withstand Elements

    When considering trim for your house’s exterior, it’s important to make sure you select materials that are water resistant and hardy enough to make your investment last well into the future

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  • Lighting Takes Center Stage

    Lighting done right is the simplest way to add verve to any room delivering depth and excitement to a home’s interior -- and exterior in many cases. Most everyone is familiar with accent lighting; when done correctly this method effectively adds drama to a room by creating visual interest.

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  • Radiant Floor Heat

    Like many other technologies, radiant floor heat is one of those products that was once considered an expensive luxury but has become much more affordable and easier to install.

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  • Deciphering Window and Exterior Door Terminology

    Over the years windows and doors have evolved using improved methods to make them more energy efficient, easier to maintain, and simpler to operate. Today's products come in many style and sizes, incorporating these various technologies.

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  • Ipe Decking

    Ipé (pronounced e-pay) is a wood becoming more commonly used as a decking material as it is durable and naturally resistant to rot, abrasion and weather, unlike traditional decking materials.