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Category: Tips and Insight

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  • Understanding Insurance When Building or Remodeling Your Home

    You may not have taken insurance seriously before, but it’s time you thought about it. You don’t have to wait until you have a claim. Most homeowners have the same conversations with insurers regarding their plight with an uninsured property. Therefore, you need to learn a few things with regards to getting the right insurance. Read on to know a few hints you should consider if you are going to build or purchase a new home.

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  • Make Sure Projects Disturbing Paint are Lead-Free

    Are home renovations in your near future for an older house? Typical projects such as sanding, cutting, and demolition can create hazardous lead dust and chips by disturbing lead-based paint, which can be harmful to adults, children, and pets.

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  • When Do You Need a Permit?

    Are you considering doing work on your current home? Unsure of what requires a permit -- and what does not? It’s definitely better to be safe rather than sorry later.

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  • Basics for Increasing Home Values

    When you invest in a home upgrade to deliver more market value, it is likely done with one major objective: to recoup expenditures when and if you sell.

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  • Exterior Trim Materials That Withstand Elements

    When considering trim for your house’s exterior, it’s important to make sure you select materials that are water resistant and hardy enough to make your investment last well into the future

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  • Appliance Considerations for a Kitchen Remodel

    We’ve determined, of course, the largest expenditures for a kitchen remodel are cabinetry and appliances. Our last blog looked at cabinetry and now here is some info for when it comes time to add new appliances. As always, doing some homework will serve you – and your investment – best.

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  • Proper Maintenance for Countertops, Tile and Stone

    Let’s preface this by saying we hate to say "buyer beware" but one must thoroughly ask questions and research a stone or tile product before purchasing. Stone is a natural material and looks great -- but it is not indestructible. Some can be a maintenance nightmare.

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  • Make Smart Use of Remaining Tax Credits

    All astute homeowners were aware of -- and many used -- the big tax credit for energy-efficient window and door replacements that ended last year. There are, however, some other tax incentives that bring financial advantages now.

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  • Online Tools for Home Ideas

    Online scrapbooks and photo sharing sites are nothing new. What is new is the rapid growth of two sites with a focus on the home. Here is the scoop on these two very popular web destinations.

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  • 5 Tips For Maximizing Your Renovation Investment

    A renovation is a huge investment, and it’s important to make sure every dollar spent goes to the best possible place. We’ve asked one of our favorite Charlotte remodelers, Duane Johns, of Advanced Renovations, to shed some light on the best places to spend your remodeling dollars.