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Category: Maintenance

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  • Handyman Services

    Introducing our Handyman and Home Maintenance Services. Our Home Repair Team specializes in performing repairs, improvements and routine maintenance with the same level of attention to detail and craftsmanship that we’ve built our reputation on over the past 15 years.

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  • Exterior Trim Materials That Withstand Elements

    When considering trim for your house’s exterior, it’s important to make sure you select materials that are water resistant and hardy enough to make your investment last well into the future

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  • Proper Maintenance for Countertops, Tile and Stone

    Let’s preface this by saying we hate to say "buyer beware" but one must thoroughly ask questions and research a stone or tile product before purchasing. Stone is a natural material and looks great -- but it is not indestructible. Some can be a maintenance nightmare.

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  • Spring into Action

    Yes there was a little ice and snow this morning in the Piedmont but the otherwise mild winter is about to give way to Spring. We all have our own to do lists or rituals for each new season but I thought we would put together a list of some things around the home that should be addressed as the warmer weather approaches.