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Closet Storage Systems Pay Off in Efficiency

Well, let’s think about this: we all know a simple rod and shelf is the easiest and most common installation in most closets. Many homeowners think a handyman or on-site carpenter can elaborate on this and create more shelves. Actually, a closet-storage professional is the best solution for your storage needs. They are generally much more affordable than you might think and will make more efficient use of the space. Creating a functional and stylish space is the key. 

By organizing your closet, you also organize your life, which saves you time and energy in the bigger picture. Regardless of whether your closet needs are for a reach-in, walk-in, or small space, here a few aspects to consider that will pay off with more room and efficiency behind all your home’s closet doors:

  1. Closet storage professionals generally visit the home to measure and photograph the storage space.
  2. They will also ask about your storage needs (shirts, shoes, pants, long coats, luggage, etc.) to personalize your space.
  3. They will calculate your storage needs and create a system of shelves, rods, drawers, hooks, etc. to make the most efficient use of the space you have.
  4. Storage systems can range from simple pre-finished melamine or laminate materials or your choice of wood species with either painted or stained finishes.
  5. These systems are not just for simple closets. They can be used in laundry rooms, garages, home offices, mudrooms, pantry areas and more.

Reach-in Closet Ideas

If you add a closet-storage system, you can gain new space in these vital areas:

  • Drawers
  • Double hanging area
  • Tie-rack and shoe racks
  • Adjustable shelving

All can create a neat accessible closet bringing a whole new look to any room.

Walk-in Closet Tips

The ultimate walk-in closet begins with a custom-closet design to make the most of your space.

  • Use long, medium, and double-hang areas to maximize space.
  • Use adjustable closet shelving to easily adapt to your new needs.
  • Add a valet rod to your closet to get your clothes readily available for the next day.
  • Add a tilt-out hamper.
  • Add shoe racks for maximum organization.

Professional designers will come to your home and measure the closet or area in need of organization by showing you photographs of available products to suit your needs; they will also conduct a wardrobe analysis and deliver a plan for a custom closet or storage system that best serves your needs.

Small-space Organizing Makes a Big-space Difference

Do you have a closet that you simply cannot fit everything into to meet your needs? Let’s look at some smart organization ideas:

  • Become clutter-free. Get rid of any clothing or accessories you no longer wear. If you find items you want to keep for sentimental value, find another location in which to store them.
  • Eliminate wasted shelf real estate. Many closet shelves are far apart, deep, or non-existent. One large shelf does not allow you to separate items in your closet; using shelf dividers will help keep your space organized.
  • Consider double-hanging rods. If you learn to hang clothing such as shirts, pants, blouses, and jackets on two rows -- one on top of the other -- you will find you can actually hang twice the amount of clothing in a specific closet area.
  • Think about adding drawers. Consider installing drawers toward the bottom of the closet or perhaps adding a small dresser in the closet for sweaters, socks, scarves, etc.
  • Add organizational accessories. By implementing baskets, shoe racks, and belt and tie racks, you will suddenly have a place for everything.
  • Consider space-saving hangers. Flat-style “friction” hangers with non-slip rubber padding insure your garments stay in place and can hold more in less space.

Remember, custom closets certainly do not require extensive remodeling. Closet-organization professionals can maximize your storage by utilizing even the smallest of spaces for less of an investment than you probably imagine. 

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