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Spring into Action

Yes there was a little ice and snow this morning in the Piedmont but the otherwise mild winter is about to give way to Spring. We all have our own to do lists or rituals for each new season but I thought we would put together a list of some things around the home that should be addressed as the warmer weather approaches.

Roofing: A visual inspection of your roof should be made to look for loose or missing shingles or tiles. Cupped shingles or "lifting" of shingles can be another cause for concern. Replacement of individual shingles on a relatively new roof is usually a quick and inexpensive fix. If your roof is older you may need to consider a complete replacement if the condition of the shingles or tiles has deteriorated. Roof vent boots and flashings should also be checked as they are a common source of leaks.

Gutters & Downspouts: It probably goes without saying that your gutters should be cleaned regularly. It is however one of the most common issues we run into when people have wood damage or decay around the home. Gutters and downspouts need to be cleaned several times a year to remain clear of debris such as leaves, twigs, pine needles, etc. Also take time to make sure that the water that comes out of the downspouts is moving away from your homes foundation.

Exterior Siding & Trim: It is very important to visually inspect the exterior of your home from time to time and look for signs of wood decay, caulk or paint failures. Keeping wood freshly painted and caulked is the best way to prevent water and insect damage. Also check to make sure that flashings or gutters are not funneling water on to siding, trim, windows, or doors. If wood decay is present it needs to be addressed immediately before further damage to the structure occurs making repairs much more costly.

General Maintenance:

  • Replace/check batteries in smoke detectors
  • Replace HVAC filters and/or have the system checked by your HVAC provider
  • Replace any whole house water filters
  • Lubricate door hinges, latches, etc. Be sure to use "Non-Abrasive" lubricants
  • Have your garage door serviced
  • Visually inspect the crawlspace or basement for moisture or mold problems
  • Visually inspect the interior of the home for moisture, mold, paint, caulk, and other potential problems

Every home is unique and may have its own particular areas of concern that may not have been mentioned above. If you get into the routine of regular maintenance for your home you will prevent more serious problems while making your home a more efficient and comfortable place to live.

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