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How the Right Renovation Start Provides the Perfect Finish

Preparation is Key

“It’s so important that everyone on the team understands the goals, expectations and requirements of the project from the very beginning,” explains Johns. one of his recent repeat clients, Josephine Jones, describes how the expert collaboration of the construction team from advanced renovations, the architectural design by susan dudley and the interior design of Kelley Vieregg made all the difference for her home. Years of experience, dedication and careful planning combined to completely transform what she described as her “dark, Elvis kitchen of the 1970s” to a stylish, open, functional and light-filled modern kitchen.

When her kitchen designer created a unique design requiring major changes to the home’s original footprint, involving removing walls, adding expansive windows and creating entire new spaces for the home including a spectacular butler’s pantry, Johns and his construction team were called in early on to give feedback and feasibility advice on the project. Collaboration among all the key players from the start not only made the whole process smoother, but also allowed for more accurate pricing and overall budget monitoring throughout the duration of the project. In what may be the highest form of a compliment for a renovation, Jones recounted, “there were simply no surprises along the way— regarding either the budget or timeline.”


Going the Distance

Johns describes another crucial role of the renovation expert, “one of the biggest things is really the communication level.” He explains that communication involves reaching out and documenting everything that goes on, including all the client selections, finishes, design elements and the tiniest of construction details. Constantly updating and communicating the project’s status to the entire team, including important deadlines or changes, keeps everyone involved and on the same page and schedule. Communication with the homeowner is always vital.

“There are two key things that homeowners should always be aware of with their renovation projects,” said Johns. “homeowners need to know what decisions they need to make and when they need to make them.”

Meeting Expectations

Before deciding which renovation company is best for your project, it’s also critical to keep in mind that they will be spending a great deal of time in your personal space. Not only is it important to find a company you can trust, but also one that understands and values your requests and schedules during the total construction phase of the project.

“Our goal is to tailor the process to the needs of the particular families we work with,” said Johns. “It’s about much more than just making sure the environment is safe and clean. The retired couple will have very different daily schedules and requirements than the routines of a family with young children.” It’s important to find a company that asks the right questions and is concerned with all the invaluable pre-planning stages, not the ones that just want to know how soon they can start.

"Not only is it important to find a company you can trust, but also one that understands and values your requests and schedules during the total construction phase of the project."

Reaching the Finish Line

Johns reinforces one of the essential elements of success: “The end payoff goes all the way back to the beginning. We understand the value of taking the time to get all the key players involved so the homeowner is comfortable with all the decisions, including costs, timing and what the final product is supposed to look like.”

“It wasn’t too long ago when homeowners were remodeling simply because they were advised it was the best thing to do for the long-term value of their investment,” said Johns. “I think people are getting back to thinking about the value of their actual life in their home—back to really taking the time to configure the space to the way they actually live and that’s one of the greatest joys of home renovation—designing for your life in your home.” 

by Laura Jackson

Urbanhome Magazine October/November 2014 

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